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Please, read before buying your new vehicle.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from a qualified engineer in case you find something you like. SRC-Kitcars was born in the exclusive luxury nautical sector. Quality, finish, realism and guarantee are words that define what we do. We will do our best to assist you in your queries and final decision. Please consult us without any obligation. 100% customer satisfaction is our proof that we love what we do.

Make your home works. Compare, check, and do not turn crazy with awesome offers. Use your common sense in order to avoid a purchase of a car which you will never be able to homologate, will be unsafe for you and for other cars on the road, or even worse: do not exist at all or the company will be unable to meet your expectations.

Please never send a money transfer through Western Union, MoneyGram or other transfer services without having seen the car personally. Do not trust pictures or videos, even if they are very convincing. It is better to take a flight to where the car is and take a look at the car in person. If it is a serious company, they will have some other cars to show, so it proves they are reliable. You'd better spend your money and time making sure you deal with trustful companies than waste what your dream car is worth!

Replica and kit cars are the only vehicles that are worth what you actually pay. If the car it´s very economical, please take care about the condition of the base cars, spare parts or work quality, the end result may not meet your expectations.

It is very hard to find a base car that meets all necessary features to make a perfect replica at an economical price. Please do not trust ads which offer exact features of the original at cheap prices: it might likely be a picture of the original car and, at best, pictures or videos taken from other builds/manufacturers. Could be the man/hour price will be cheap in other countries, but, engines, wheels, brakes, etc, cost nearly the same in all countries.

Updated information according to latest amends on law 01/14/2011:

- T.Ü.V. homologation applies only in Germany. It is NOT equivalent in Spain.

- A replica built outside Spain cannot be homologated.

- Due to excessive costs, take care about homologations (homologation could be incorrect or fraudulent) of cars manufactured with space frames (except if it is an authorized manufacturer in Spain), or frames with modified distance of axles.

- Cars with modifications in parts of the frame (e.g. Roof in replica of Peugeot 406) can´t be homologated.

We would like to inform you that in case of fake homologation, if an accident happens, both, the insurance company, the former owner (individual or company) and the workshop responsible for remodeling or authorizing it, can deny their responsibilities by claiming that the remodeling has been done afterwards. Thus the owner or driver of the vehicle would be held solely responsible.


In 1995 we discovered, quite by accident, a fascinating and, until then, unknown world in our country: replicas and kitcars. It was not, however, until 1998 when we started to consider the possibility of producing this kind of vehicles in Spain.

More than three years of research, development and effort, both personal and economic, brought us to the point where we were able to build, as a hobby, our first vehicle, 100% handmade and completely standardized.

It was a long and costly process. The problem was not only that we were not satisfied with the aesthetic of kits sold by foreign companies; there was also the additional concern, due to Spanish law, of not being able to legally standardize the vehicle.

Slowly we acquired a complete 355 OEM body panels. We made moulds and adapted to the base car. The result was so good that, even though we had no plans of selling it, our first replicas were acquired by foreign people, where this type of cars were already manufactured and well known.

In 2005 we went a step further and established like a company, becoming pioneers in our country.


All newly installed parts are standardized and all modifications are endorsed by our team of engineers and the official lab at the “Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Aeroespaciales” (The National Institute for Aerospace Technologies), collected, each and every one of them, in the technical file.

It is not a museum piece. The car can be enjoyed thoroughly, either on the road or in the racetrack. 

SRC-Kitcars is the only company in Spain, and one of the few in the world, that manufactures its replica parts based of the original bodywork, with new anchor points that are mounted directly over the chassis of the base car. This is why our cars do not crack and the bodywork does not make any noise when in running order.

If you ever need a spare part, ours will fit perfectly in your car, requiring minimal adjustment. As an example, no other company in the world makes the kit 360 and 430 for the Toyota Celica and, in the best case scenario; they use our research, find a proper base car, and fit a kit in it (as close as possible to the required specs), resorting to cutting, stripping and huge amounts of caulk to be able to finish the job.

We set a very high standard for our work, and we put all our passion on every step of the way because, for us, each car, each part, each nut and bolt, reflects this company and we can only accept doing our best and trying to improve every day.

To portray our models, we work closely with companies that have the latest modeling and scanning digital technologies, so that afterwards we can mechanize a real scale 3D prototype using a cutting robotic arm guided by numeric control (CNC), which guarantees the accuracy of the parts based on the design. After that, once molded with fiberglass or carbon fiber, the parts are mounted, the traditional way, with total precision and safety.

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