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Welcome to SRC-Kitcars, one of the leading sellers and makers of custom cars, replicas and turnkey kitcars.

Our goal is to make available, to all car enthusiast, our dedication, experience, professionalism and quality, accumulated over the years, to bring your dream to the road.

This website is a general overview of a world full of possibilities. If you don’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us..

Thank you and enjoy your visit.


SRC-Kitcars keeps four main lines of work:

- SRC cars: our exclusive models, designed and developed with the most advanced materials and techniques.

- Body kits: kits designed for the amateur builder, whatever your skill level, or for the professional, any body panels design, made in fiberglass or carbon fiber.

- Parts and accessories: replica parts especially designed or custom parts with superior quality, for any kind of vehicle.

- Turnkey replicas: any model, any power, no matter specs, engine or design, everything is possible with SRC-Kitcars.


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